All the technical platforms of the University of Lille, dedicated to Biology and Health, have been gathered in one entity: a common service unit directed by Sophie Crespin (sophie.crespin(@) This Unit is entitled PLBS for “Lille Platforms in Biology and Health (Santé)”.

This unit has received the label from Inserm and CNRS and its number is UMS2014-US41. It is also supported by Lille Hospital (CHU) and Lille Pasteur Institute (IPL).

Platforms are located on the three research sites of the University of Lille that are Lille Hospital (CHU) campus, Lille Pasteur Institute (IPL) campus and Faculty of Sciences and Technologies (FST) campus.

7 platforms:

  • Genomics (GFS/CHU, TAG/IPL)
  • Glycomics and Proteomics (PAGés/FST, P3M/IPL)
  • High Throughput and High Content Screening (HCS-HTS/IPL)
  • Bioinformatics & Biostatistics(Bilille/all sites)
  • Animal facilities (EOPS1 &2/CHU, PLEHTA/Pasteur, PHExMAR/FST)
  • Cellular Imaging (BICeL/all sites)
  • Living and functional Imaging (Human MRI/CHU, Rodent-MRI-TEP/CHU)

Down below are described the services and equipment that you can find on the platforms.

Périmètre :

Localisation :

Les plateformes constitutives :