équipe facteurs de persistance des cellules leucemiques

Team : Factors of persistence of leukemic cells


OPALE, the organization for Partnerships in Leukemia

The team “Factors of persistence of leukemic cells” focused on the discovery of factors that contribute to the long-term persistence of leukemic cells such as tumor dormancy, and to the characterization of genomic markers predictive of the evolution of hematological malignancies.

The team is located in Institut pour la Recherche sur le Cancer de Lille www.ircl.org for its cell biology and in hematology laboratory and high throughput genomic technologies for CHU de Lille (Lille Academic Hospital) for its tumor cell bank and translational molecular biology activities. The team shares the same building with Flow cytometry and Cell sorting platforms and several team members are involved in both activities.

The team is historically linked with the Department of Clinical Hematology (Service des Maladies du Sang, CHU), the Laboratory of Hematology, and the Department of cytogenetic form the nearby academic hospital. Several team members are primary affiliated to the CHU, and research projects are directly issued from this high degree of integration.



Bruno QuesnelProfessor QUESNEL Bruno, MD, PhD, HDR.
Head of “Factors of persitence of leukemic cells” team. PU-PH, Lille University Hospital.
Research: Tumor dormancy in leukemia.


Thierry IdziorekThierry IDZIOREK, Researcher INSERM – PhD, HDR
Research: Tumor dormancy in leukemia and microfluidics.
Teaching: Master’s degree.
Responsabilités collectives : In charge of the cytometry facility (University of Lille)/In charge of the irradiator (University of Lille).


Marie-Hélène DavidMarie-Hélène DAVID, Researcher INSERM- PhD, HDR
Research: Identification of oncogenic transcription factors in leukemias and solid tumors: validation of selective inhibitors.
Teaching: Master’s degree.
Responsabilités collectives: Contact person for radioprotection.


Meyling CheokMeyling CHEOK, Researcher INSERM- PhD, HDR
Research: My research team investigates the effect of genetic and non-genetic factors on intra- and inter-leukaemia heterogeneity and how this influences chemotherapy resistance and disease progression. We aim to develop tools to identify and track resistant leukaemia cells within the leukaemia bulk and to improve treatment to prevent or delay the evolution of drug resistance and subsequent disease relapse.
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Philippe MarchettiProfessor MARCHETTI Philippe, MD, PhD, HDR, Lille University Hospital
Research: Mitochondrial metabolism in leukemic cell dormancy.
Teaching: Cell Biology.


Claude PreudhommeProfessor PREUDHOMME Claude, PharmD, PhD, HDR
PU-PH Hematology Institut, Lille University Hospital

Research: New genomic markers for the prognosis of hematological malignancies.


Catherine Roche-LestienneProfessor ROCHE-LESTIENNE Catherine, PharmD, PhD, HDR
PU-PH Medical Genetic Institut, Lille University Hospital.


Jérôme KluzaJérôme KLUZA, Associate Professor, PhD, HDR, University of Lille
Research: Mitochondrial metabolism of persistent myeloid leukemia cells after exposure to targeted therapies.
Teaching: Cell biology.
Responsabilités collectives : Responsable Plateau Technique : Métabolisme.


Carine BrinsterCarine BRINSTER, Associate Professor, PhD, HDR, University of Lille
Research: Mechanisms leading to T lymphocyte deficiency associated with acute myeloid leukemias and the role of the immune response in leukemic persistence.
Teaching: Cell biology, Immunology.


Salomon ManierSalomon MANIER, MD PhD HDR, Associate Professor, Lille University Hospital
Research: Genomic dependence and markers of clonal evolution in mature lymphoid malignancies.


Yasmine TouilYasmine TOUIL, Research Engineer, PhD, HDR, University of Lille
Research: Mechanisms of tumor dormancy: genetic, epigenetic and proteomic signatures of dormant cells. Link with stem cells properties.
Responsabilités collectives : Animatrice des réunions scientifiques- Référent Site WEB, Cahier Électronique Laboratoire, SST.


Xavier ThuruXavier THURU, Research Engineer, PhD, University of Lille
Research: In charge of drug discovery and development. Responsible of screening core facility.
Responsabilités collectives : Responsable Plateau Technique: Criblage de molécules, Référent Spectramax.


Céline BerthonCéline BERTHON, MD, PhD
PH, Lille University Hospital



Stéphanie Poulain

Professor POULAIN Stéphanie, PharmD, PhD, HDR, PU-PH
Hematology Institut, Lille University Hospital
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lille

Research: Genomic and functional dependence in Waldenstrom’s disease.


Nicolas Duployez
Nicolas DUPLOYEZ, PharmD, PhD
PH Hematology Institut, Lille University Hospital


Olivier NIBOUREL, PharmD, PhD
PH Hematology Institut, Lille University Hospital


Christophe ROUMIER, PharmD, PhD
PH Hematology Institut, Lille University Hospital


Alice MarceauAlice MARCEAU, PharmD
PH Hematology Institut, Lille University Hospital


Suman MitraSuman MITRA, Researcher PI CPER CANCER, PhD
Research project: Common gamma-chain (gc) family of cytokines, including IL-2, IL-15, IL-21 are critical regulator of T cell activity but their actions are often pleiotropic, which possess a major challenge for their use to treat diseases, including cancer.  Our research focuses on understanding molecular mechanisms by which these cytokines mediate their pleiotropic actions to identify strategies to utilize power of cytokines to modulate T cell responses in cancer. In particular, we are studing how cytokine signaling pathways can be fine-tuned to refine current immunotherapy drugs, including checkpoint blockade, CAR-T therapy as well as use cancer vaccine therapy.


Silvia GaggeroSilvia GAGGERO, Post-doctoral researcher, PhD
CPER Cancer- Suman MITRA’s group.



Pauline Peyrouze
Pauline PEYROUZE, Engineer IRCL
Responsabilités collectives : Assistante-prévention, Référent Anibio, L2-Viro, L2 Culture cellulaire.


Hassiba Bouaffia
Hassiba EL BOUAZZATI-BOUAFIA, Engineer assistant Inserm.
Responsabilités collectives : Assistante-prévention, Référent Agrément OGM, Las 4000.


Aurélie Guillemette
Aurélie GUILLEMETTE, Technician, University of Lille
Responsabilités collectives : Référent qPCR, SST


Salim DEKIOUK, Technician, Lille University Hospital


Adeline Barthelemy

Dr Adeline BARTHELEMY, Research Engineer, PhD


Géraldine Tellier
Dr Géraldine TELLIER, Associate Engineer, PhD
CPER Cancer- Suman MITRA’s group


Romain Magnez

Romain MAGNEZ, Engineer SATT


Adeline CozzaniAdeline COZZANI, Engineer UDL – Suman MITRA’s group


William LaineWilliam LAINE, Technician University of Lille


Morgane Tardy

Morgane TARDY, Technician SATT



Meriem Be KhoudMeriem BEN-KHOUD, PhD Student
Thesis topic: Identification of  “exhausted” T lymphocytes in patients with acute myeloid leukemia and monitoring their fate pre- and post-treatment by analyzing their TCR receptors: impact of the modulation of interleukin-2 signaling on the restoration of their memory phenotype.
Directed by: Dr Carine Brinster


Clara LewuillonClara LEWUILLON, PhD Student
Thesis topic: Calcium signature in immunological synapse in AML.
Directed by: Dr Yasmine Touil


Quentin FovezQuentin FOVEZ, PhD Student
Thesis topic: Metabolic regulation of mitochondrial spare capacity: a potential biomarker of AML persistance ?
Directed by: Dr Jérôme Kluza


Raeeka KhamariRaeeka KHAMARI, PhD Student
Thesis topic: Mitochondrial targeting of persitant cells in acute myeloid leukemia after exposure of targeted therapies.
Directed by: Dr Jérôme Kluza


Lama Hasan Bou IssaLama HASAN BOU ISSA, PhD Student
Thesis topic: Genomic dependence in multiple myeloma overexpressing myc.
Directed by: Dr Salomon Manier


Léa FlechonLéa FLECHON, PhD Student
Thesis topic: Genomic dependence in multiple myeloma.
Directed by: Dr Salomon Manier / Dr Thierry Idziorek


Eradication of the last tumor cell has been the holy grail of cancer research for decades. The idea was that if only a few persistent cancer cells remain in the body, relapse would inevitably occur. Thus, understanding the mechanisms that allow for the long-term persistence of these cells would help to avoid relapses. To address the question of persistence in human leukemia, we have built our research team around four strategic scientific axes.

– The first axis investigated by Bruno Quesnel, Yasmine Touil, Thierry Idziorek, Carine Brinster and Céline Berthon, was aimed at discovering, using experimental models and patient cohorts, factors that govern tumor dormancy and long term persistence of minimal residual disease (MRD) in leukemia and multiple myeloma. Results have specifically pinpointed the role of immunoescape (PD-L1, CCL2) and stemness in tumor dormancy.

More recently, the theme has been extended to tumor metabolism with the expertise of Philippe Marchetti and Jerome Kluza, who investigate dormancy/resistance of leukemia cells under tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

– The second axis explored by Claude Preudhomme, Catherine Roche-Lestienne, Stéphanie Poulain, Meyling Cheok, Olivier Nibourel, Christophe Roumier, Alice Marceau, and Nicolas Duployez, was dedicated to the systematic evaluation of new genomic markers of prognosis in hematological malignancies, notably AML, MDS, and Waldenstrom’s disease. The characterization of predictive markers of treatment failure and relapse in hematological malignancies has to yield results that can be easily translated into the daily routine. Biobanking of numerous national prospective clinical trials is done in our team at the tumor cell bank.

This axis has recently evolved under the impulsion of Meyling Cheok toward more functional characterization of leukemia cells, such as drug resistance and leukemia stemness, which are currently investigated in prospective patient cohorts from national study group such as ALFA and GFM.

– The third axis investigates new therapeutic strategies to target MRD: Marie-Hélène David develops new drugs that target transcription factor/DNA interaction, notably HOXA9. Xavier Thuru elaborates new methods (see PCBI platform/CANTHER platform) in collaboration with chemists to target protein/protein interactions in dormant tumor cells.

In 2016, Salomon Manier joined our team after five years at Irene Ghobrial lab at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. He specifically investigates Myc targeting in Multiple Myeloma, genomic dependence and markers of clonal evolution in mature lymphoid malignancies.

– The fourth axis investigates molecular biomarkers of therapeutic response and relapse to synthetic immunotherapy in heme malignancies with the goal to design and develop the next generation of synthetic immunotherapies with the improved durable response. The success of T cell engaging immunotherapies is not only dependent on their ability to recognize target tumor antigen but on maintaining sustained anti-tumor response within the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment, which is critically regulated by cytokines. Dr Suman Mitra’s group is focused on understanding the role of gamma-chain cytokines, including IL-2, IL-7, IL-9, IL-15 and IL-21 that are critical for T cell survival, proliferation and function. The group is developing an innovative combination of cytokine based and T-cell based synthetic immunotherapies for the treatment of heme malignancies and cancers.


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On-going theses (PhD)

  • LEWUILLON Clara (Y1 in 2019 – Thesis director: Yasmine TOUIL)
  • BEN-KHOUD Meriem (Y1 in 2019 – Thesis director: Carine BRINSTER)
  • HASAN BOU ISSA Lama (Y1 in 2019 – Thesis director: Salomon Manier)
  • FOVEZ Quentin (Y1 in 2018 – Thesis director: Jérôme KLUZA)
  • FLECHON Léa (Y1 in 2018 – Thesis directors: Salomon Manier/Thierry Idziorek)
  • KHAMARI Raeeka (Y1 in 2017 – Thesis director: Jérôme KLUZA)
  • GONZALES Fanny (Y1 in 2016 – Thesis director: Meyling CHEOK)

Defended theses (PhD)

  • TRINH Anne (defended 28/11/2019) directed by : Philippe MARCHETTI
  • MOPIN Alexia (defended 07/12/2018) directed by : Carine BRINSTER
  • JAMBON Samy (defended 03/12/2018) directed by : Marie-Hélène DAVID
  • MOPIN Alexia (defended 07/12/2018) directed by : Carine BRINSTER
  • BERTHE Julie (defended 07/09/2018) directed by : Bruno QUESNEL
  • LAMBERT Mélanie (defended 23/03/2018) directed by : Marie-Hélène DAVID
  • CARTON Celine (defended 15/12/2017) directed by : Thierry IDZIOREK
  • DUPLOYEZ Nicolas (defended  15/12/2017) directed by : Claude PREUDHOMME et Jean-Michel CAYUELA
  • MANIER Salomon (defended 04/07/2017) directed by : Catherine ROCHE-LESTIENNE et Xavier LELEU
  • SEGAOULA Zakaria (defended 07/04/2017) directed by : Sylvie ZOUITINA-GALIEGUE et Xavier THURU
  • ANDRE Fanny (defended 19/01/2017) directed by : Philippe MARCHETTI
  • BOYER Thomas (defended 15/12/2016) directed by : Meyling CHEOK
  • OSTYN Pauline (defended 27/09/2016) directed by : Pierre FORMSTECHER
  • POULAIN Stephanie (defended 21/09/2016) directed by : Claude PREUDHOMME
  • PORET Nicolas (defended 30/09/2015) directed by : Sylvie ZOUITINA-GALIEGUE

Defended HDR

  • MANIER Salomon (defended 18/11/2019) directed by Bruno QUESNEL
  • TOUIL Yasmine (defended 26/02/2019) directed by Bruno QUESNEL