“This letter entitled “Canther Hyphen” is dedicated to the Canther community and staff to communicate, remind information, but also create a link between the team members currently located in three different sites of Lille area.

Publication will be a quarterly letter in relation with highlights of the laboratory: (i) beginning of September to talk about the University new term, (ii) beginning of December to list the highlights of the first trimester of the following year, (iii) beginning of March and (iv) beginning of June before summer vacation and prelude to the start of a new university term.

E-mail will be the way of distributing the letter, paper printing being not recommended. Recurrent sections will be: organization – administration – finances – logistics – material, internal and external relationships.

I hope you will enjoy this first issue and inform you that there will be a questionnaire to know what you think, you remarks and suggestions coming along with the letter #4.”

Director of Canther laboratory